I’m not actually sure why I’m doing this to myself. It’s probably a really stupid idea. Help?

But like most stupid ideas I have, it seemed like a really great idea at the time. And because I’m stubborn, I’m going to try to actually see it through, with the help of some other obsessed Dice Throne fans.

It turns out, not everyone thinks that Dice Throne is the Best Game Ever. I know, it surprised me too. What this means is that a number of us were having trouble finding enough opponents to keep our appetites for dice chucking satisfied. Enter: the internet. Thanks to the magic of video chat and Tabletop Simulator, it turns out it’s possible to play Dice Throne with pretty much anywhere in the world! So long as they have their own copy of at least one hero (and even that’s not necessary if you’re willing to play entirely in TTS).

One day we started talking about just how many different 1v1 pairings exist. If you include the mythical, not-yet-real Treant hero, there are 15 heroes between seasons 1 and 2, and with mirror matches that makes for 120 different pairings.

“Wouldn’t it be fun to play through all of them?”

“Best of 3 matches!”

“And then blog about it!”

Apparently I was the only one quite that excited about it, but it was too late. I was already headed home to make a massive spreadsheet to track all the matches. Only afterward did I find out that no one else had quite the same vision as I did.

And now here we are. Honestly, I’m excited. Each different pair of heroes interacts with each other differently, and I’m excited to try them all out. Three matches each should be enough to let me try out some different strategies and learn from some of my mistakes.

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